India would have 8.2 Lakh Covid 19 Cases By Now without Lockdown: Govt

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covid 19 cases without lockdown

Stressing the role of lockdown and other containment steps in preventing coronavirus infection, the Union Health Ministry said, here on Saturday, without those processes, Covid-19 cases could have spiralled to 8.2 lakh by April 15.

Further explaining the spokeperson, Lav Agarwal said, without Lockdown and the preventive measures India will see a 41% rise in total covid 19 cases leading to a whooping figure of 8.2 lakh by April 15. And without lockdown but the other containment steps the figure would have been 1.2 lakh for the same date range.

During his address to Media, Lav Agarwal told that 100,000 isolation beds and 11,500 ICU beds have been reserved for Covid-19 patients across the country. Also, till now 587 dedicated Covid-19 hospitals have been established by centre and state.

“PPEs, ventilators and other critical medical supplies are being ensured by the centre to states. The containment action plan, contact tracing and other planning are being ensured,” Agarwal added.

However India has seen total 1035 new cases in last 24 hours and also 40 deaths in the same timespan. Now India has total 7,447 cases and 642 people has been cured.

The Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR) said 1,71,718 samples had been tested. On Friday, 16,564 tests were conducted through a network of government and private labs.



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36 shares, 80 points
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